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Fifty, Fit and Fabulous

Tray-Ann Rowe, mum of 2, qualified nutrition specialist, certified fitness instructor, and founder of Inside-out Healthy Lifestyles is giving us her secrets on how she stays FIFTY, FIT AND FABULOUS!


What does Tray-Ann do to stay healthy?

Staying healthy is a challenge for some of us, it doesn’t always come naturally but I always advise my clients, small changes are baby steps towards achieving great changes to their health.

We are living through ever-changing times in the current pandemic. We owe it to ourselves to look after our bodies and minds so we can have a positive mindset & balance throughout this time. This can be a challenge as some of us need motivation, encouragement, or an accountability partner.

I have listed below the steps I take towards creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for myself on a daily basis.


10 daily routines I follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle

1. I pray, give thanks/gratitude first thing in the morning to start my day in the right way.

2. I speak affirmations to get myself in the right state of mind to face the day.

3. I visualize/meditate to empower myself and create the life I desire.

4. I follow an intermittent lifestyle as it helps to maintain my weight & continues to heal my body.

5. I have a cup of warm water and lime first thing in the morning as this helps to eliminate toxins from the body that have accumulated overnight.

6. I drink approximately 10 glass of fluid to keep hydrated.

7. I have a natural juice or smoothie most days to make sure I flush my body with enough nutrients.

8. I always eat fruit on an empty stomach at least 30 mins before a meal as it provides my body with the best concentration of vitamins, minerals.

9. I use turmeric and cayenne pepper in my cooking because of their natural healing benefits.

10. I perform some form of exercise whether it’s a session with my clients or on my own. I have a 10-minute jump on my mini trampoline, or use my skipping rope to increase my heart rate or I go for a walk, any form of exercise is beneficial for overall health benefits.

Incorporating all or some of these tips will help to increase your overall health.



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