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About me

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Hi! My name is Josia, welcome to The Little Woman Food Diary. On this platform I will be sharing with you mouth-watering and tasty dishes which I have created with some influences from my travels to South-East Asia, West Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. Whether you are a wiz in the kitchen, or a complete amateur, don't worry I have you covered. My easy to follow recipes and my useful cooking tips will help you upgrade your home-cooked meals to restaurant-quality plates of food in no time.


So how did my love for cooking begin? As a young girl I used to stay up at night to watch the food network channel just to wake up the next day to recreate food tutorials that I had watched, through doing this I developed a real passion! I became so good at cooking that as young as 15 I was required to make big servings of food for family parties.


Why do I love fine dining so much? My love for fine dining stems from a young age as my oldest sister use to take me out to eat all the time. Whether we were at Disney land Paris' Planet Hollywood restaurant or one of Covent Garden's finest food spots in my hometown of London, our shared love for food had us trying all types of cuisines that the world has to offer. 


​So the ultimate question is why now? Why create a food blog? For the longest I have been posting pictures of dishes that I make on my social platforms, which then always follows with a DM from someone asking me "How did you make that and can I have the recipe!?" so I concluded the best way to answer these questions is through an online food diary. So get your chopping knife out and join me in my journey.




Josia x

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