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5 Restaurants To Visit After Lockdown

If you’re like me, I know you’ve all been waiting in anguish to hear those perfect words, ‘Are you guys ready to order or do you need more time?’. My name is Franzia also known as Good Girls Edibles on Instagram and here are my top five restaurants to visit once the lockdown is over.


Coppa Club - Tower Bridge

Coppa Club is an outside dining experience overlooking the river Thames, as well as other national landmarks. During the daytime the huge balloon shaped translucent cocoons, make for a nice private seating area. They are in high demand so try to book in advance if you are interested in the outdoor experience! The food is European in nature but they deliver on flavours that you wouldn’t expect! Check out my Blog for a full review on the food I tried

Coppa club will definitely be one of the places I’ll rush to this summer if they open. The cocktails and fast service make for a lovely afternoon lunch paired with drinks, or even a party of 6 looking for drinks and nibbles.


Burger and Beyond - Shoreditch

If you want to try the best burger in London, you neeeeed to go to burger and beyond! The burgers here are brioche buns with a perfectly cooked beef patty either to medium or well done, topped with perfectly melted American cheese, a spicy mayo and some Finely chopped pickled onions (that’s my guess by the way, not actually confirmed). Nonetheless it was truly amazing...

We also ordered chicken strips and calamari as sides, the chicken strips were really good, the sauce that came with them tasted similar to burger sauce which hit the nail on the head for me! The calamari was battered and topped with spring onions chillies and a little bit of mint, it was okay but I won’t be rushing back for this. Burger beyond is the one to try now that we don’t have to make our own burgers!


Tiger Bay - Hanger Lane

Now I know Tiger Bay is technically a shisha bar but hear me out... The lamb chops are grilled to perfection and they are topped with pomegranate seeds and served with chips and a side salad. They also do various mixed grill and trust me when I say, everything was good! What more can you ask for after? drinks AND shisha.

They even serve hot chocolate if you're looking for a warm marshmallow-y night cap. This place is definitely one of my go to’s and there is also restaurant only seating for those not interested in shisha!


Aquum - Clapham Common

This one is for my vegans because I care! As well as a crazy nightlife, Aquum is also open during the day for dining and drinks. They serve a full board of cocktails paired with a Greek inspired menu that caters to Vegans, Vegetarians and Gluten Free diners. We had the pesto gnocchi with mushrooms topped with some pan fried asparagus and it was one of the best vegitarian dishes I have ever had I must say!

This is a great place to meet up with friends over some drinks and food, the background music makes it so the next table doesn’t hear the cheeky conversation after having had a few cocktails!


Absurd Bird - Soho - Spatfeilds

Calling all chicken lovers, this is your time! Absurd bird doesn’t miss the mark with their well seasoned, well coated fried chicken!

The waffle sliders were sweet with a fresh crunchy homemade pickle and made a good contrast to the savoury hot crispy fried chicken. At the time I went they offered happy hour EVERYDAY for just £11.95 so I guess this one's a no brainer!


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